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Our Vision

Kindness360’s five(5) core objectives:

  • We will produce free braille story books for beginning and intermediate blind readers in grades pre-k through 4th.
  • We will do our part to end the national homeless crisis in our local community by 2025.
  • We will encourage people to commit random acts of kindness.
  • We will educate, entertain, and inspire a new generation of citizens to create a kinder, more compassionate community to live in.
  • We will recognize and reward the volunteer efforts of people who are selflessly active in their local cities and towns.


We are going the extra mile to educate the public about how to be more kind to others. How to define kindly is a start. How to act kindly in everyday situations is our goal.


We want to transform our polarized communities into unified communities, of compassionate and caring residents dedicated to helping one another endure life’s tragedies and celebrate life’s victories.


We want to inspire every adult and child in America to perform a daily random act of kindness that leaves an indelible mark on the beneficiary.


We want to create and publish informative picture books that will promote a sense of gratitude, thoughtfulness and caring  in our young children.
Kindness Projects by Region.
This section displays where our primary projects are located within the world at any given time.

Our Tri-Core Mission Statement

Our tri-Core Mission Statement, or simply the missions, is our public declaration that we publicly display to describe our fundamental purpose(s) and major organizational commitments—i.e., what we do and why we do it.

Braille Textbook Transcription Services

As our nationwide caring campaign, Kindess360® receives traditional print school books from educational institutions across America, and using highly-qualified certified braille transcribers, to transcribe those books into braille format, then has them delivered to public and private schools with blind or visually-impaired students in grades pre-k through 12.

Kindness360® Social Action Project

In the interests of promoting civility and human kindness, recognizing the selfless sacrifices and good deeds of others, and encouraging random acts of kindness, Kindness360® is hosting a free public website at www.blog.kindness36o.org where people from all walks of life can register as volunteer writers to post inspirational articles, videos, essays, interviews, and stories recounting the selfless acts of others with human kindness as the focal point.

Promoting Random Acts of Kindness

random act of kindness or RAoK is a selfless actvperformed by motivated people to either help or cheer up a random stranger, for no reason other than to make someone, somewhere happier. Through educational outreach, Kindness Kits and public action, Kindness360® is energizing and organizing local community members to help make random acts of kindness a habit in children, youth, and adults.
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Harry Holtkamp

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Amity Holtkamp

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